Advanced Skin Treatments
Bio White Skin Brightening
Face $ 140
Body P O A

Bio White is a leave on enzyme treatment to treat uneven skin tone such as melasma but also works well to brighten up any part of the body such as under arms.


Dermal Lifting Facial (100 min) $ 200

Dermal Lift Facial treatment instantly gives radiance and lifts and tones the skin. It uses a combination of active ingredients, LED, Microcurrent and Sonophorensis.


Skin Brightening Treatment (60m) $ 180

Skin Brightening Facial contains a blend of enzymes, phyto extracts and peptides that are infused deep into the skin and target all the pathways of pigmentation. Incorporates LED


Aqua Peel
Face $ 165
Face and Decolletage $ 200

Aqua Peel is a type of Hydrodermabrassion to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, remove congestion, anti inflammation and hydrate the skin.Contains fermented extract of EGF and Galatomyces. Good for acne ,congested skin and sun damaged skin


Acne Facial $ 160

Designed to deep cleanse and decongest skin. Unbuffered glycolic Acid has the ability to penetrate deeply into the follicles to melt sebums making extraction and infusion of active ingredients to heal and kill bacterias more effective.