Advanced Skin Treatments

Bio white Skin lightening



Face + U. Arms


Skin Tightening  Enzyme + RF  



Erase A- line   






Papin Enzyme Peel

Acne Treatment



Aqua Peel


Face and Decolletage

Microdermabrasions (45m)



Radio Frequency Skin tightening

Eye area

Full Face

Neck area

Face & Neck


$ 130

$ 110

$ 200


$ 160



$ 160






$ 160

$ 160




$ 160

$ 220

$  130




$  100

$  150

$  150

$  225

Alleviate uneven skin tone such as melasma, freckles  or overall lightening treatments. Suitable for darker skin. Could include microdermabrasion to enhance absorbsions of the peel.



It includes pumpkin enzyme treatment and followed by a tightening masque and infusion of tightening serum with isolifting machine to stimulate collagen & Elastin, slows down ageing process, and repair the process of DNA damage caused by UV rays.

A unique treatment which combines microdermabrasion with glycolic acid and

Vit. A  serum to :

– boost regeneration of skin cells faster

– soften wrinkles and lines

– soften acne scarring

Is an enzyme to lighten up pigmentation, brighten , and soften the skin. For better results, combine this treatment with a laser treatment.

Acne facial is an intensive treatment for acne or congested skin using a combination of ingredients to clear and heal acne break outs. Add a laser and LED for a better result and to return the skin to a healthy state and reduce oil production.

  • Tightens and hydrates the skin
  • Good for acne and congested skin
  • Removes sun damaged skin on face and decollettage

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that mildly sand the surface of the skin using  crystals to create superior exfoliation leaving you with a brighter and more refined skin tone  followed by soothing mask and repair serum.

RF delivers Radio Frequency thermal energy to tighten the skin and improve lymph drainage.

Reduce puffiness under the eye, and tighten the skin.