Advanced Facials

Erase A- line (1 hr)  





Papin  Pigmentation Enzyme  



Acne  Treatments :

Acne Facial

Acne Facial + Laser

Acne Facial + LED

Aqua Peel                            




Microdermabrasions (45m)         

$  150









$ 150

$ 250

$ 200

$ 150




$ 120

A unique treatment which combines microdermabrasion with glycolic acid and Vit. A  serum to :

– boost regeneration of skin cells faster

– soften wrinkles and lines

– soften acne scarring

Papaya enzyme called proteolytic changes protein into  peptones, Shea butter and Pancreatin enzymes. Suitable for:

– Dehydrated skin

– Pigmentation treatment

Acne facial is an intensive treatment for acne or congested skin using a combination of ingredients to clear and heal acne break outs. Add a laser and LED for a better result and to return the skin to a healthy state and reduce oil production.

Is a treatment  which removes build up of dead skin cells, clears blackheads  and cloggings, using a gentle aqua dermabrasion machine,  which at the same time enriches the skin with formulas that are high in hydro-essence, vit B and galactomycis peptides to restore healthy skin tissue and normal cell turn-over.  Includes extractions.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that mildly sand the surface of the skin using  crystals to create superior exfoliation leaving you with a brighter and more refined skin tone  followed by soothing mask and repair serum.