Standard Facials

Includes : cleansing, steam, application of one type of enzyme peels, extraction, massage and masque. Add $30 to get tightening/epidermal Growth Factor serum infusion using isolifting machine to any enzyme peel.

Cranberry enzyme Peel  $130



Mango enzyme Peel   $130






Oxygen Facial   $130



Pumpkin Enzyme Peel   $130




Cherry Berry Enzyme Peel   $130







Zesty Orange Enzyme Peel   $130

Mildest of all enzymes, soothes, calm inflammation, rehydrates and increase immunity. great for: pustular acne, rosacea and very sensitive skin. Proven for its bacterial inhibiting and detoxifying and rich in anti-oxidants: vit A, flavonoids

With Astaxantin, A strong antioxidant and a  Combination of AHA, Good for :

– dehydrated skin

– sensitive skins, rosacea

– enhances the immune system

– stimulates collagen synthesis


Stimulates and allows the cells to function more effectively, speeds healing process, fights photo damage and is a must for smokers.


Pumpkin contains over 100 nutrients such as aspartic  Acid, ascorbic acid, Co-Enzymes, amino acids that will benefit all skin types. Suitable for treating :

– acne,congested skin

– dull, dry and ageing skin

Rich in powerful antioxidants called flavonoids that  have various therapeutic effects

– Strengthens collagen

– Anti-inflamatory

– Rich in antioxidants

– Slows the ageing process

– Improves skin texture and tone

Good for pigmentation and dry ageing skin

High in anti-oxidant , free-radical scavenger

Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory

Absorbs UVA and UVB radiation