Laser Pigmentation Removal

A new definition of optimum efficacy for the removal of various pigmented lesions: Freckles, melasma, age/sun spots, acne scars.

Starting price $150 onwards

Enzyme peel add on   +$50        

Q-switched Nd-Yag laser is an effective and safe treatment for dermal hyper pigmentations such as age spots,Nevus Ota and Melasma. They are in most cases superior than other long pulsed lasers and is effective in treating deeper skin pigmentation. The extremely short pulse duration( billionths of a second) of q-switched lasers light allows it to shatter pigment particles very effectively. The shattered pigment particles then are digested by the the body’s lymphatic system.

Questions often asked:

Is it painful?

Laser for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation is likened to a snap of a rubber band on the skin. In some cases when the 532 nanometer is being used, application of numbing cream for 20 minutes will make the treatment for comfortable for the clients.

What do I expect after the treatment:

After the treatment the skin will be slightly red or have a pinpoint bleeding, depends on the kind of pigmentation being treated. These side effects are necessary to get the best possible outcome. The skin either will be darker for a few weeks or the pinpoint bleeding will form a scab and after 1 week the scab will peel off.